Slight Metro update spotted in Microsoft keynote

If you happened to tune in to the keynote (or want to watch it again here), you may have noticed something when Ballmer and crew were showing off Windows Surface. While it is not a major overhaul to the Metro interface, you can clearly see below that the icons that link to desktop apps are now much larger.

Take a look at the bottom image, which was from last night's keynote, and compare it to the top image, which is from and earlier build of Windows 8 and you can see the noticeably smaller icons. While not a major shift in strategy or a new feature, it does show the subtle differences between previous and current builds of Windows 8.

We fully expect to see more of these small enhancements when Windows 8 finally hits retail shelves. The latest speculation says that the final build will be 8600 and it should be completed by August 1st. If that does happen, expect to see Windows 8 available in the October time-frame based on previous release cycles. 

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