Smoked by Windows Phone reaches Hong Kong

Performance is a key when marketing a mobile operating system, as all concerned want to hold the speed crown. Microsoft has been pursuing this crown relentlessly, using their 'Smoked by Windows Phone' promotion to show off the speed in comparison with any and all takers, including Android and iOS devices. So far, Microsoft's OS has been extremely successful in performance tests, and the company has been confident enough to expand their reach.

WPCentral reports that the campaign has made its way to Hong Kong, beginning on Friday and lasting until Sunday. Microsoft's Ben Rudolph has been one of the main promoters of the campaign, as well as the associated #droidrage campaign. The company have adopted highly aggressive marketing. For those who manage to outpace Microsoft's Windows Phone devices, they receive $100 on the spot. As a result there are plenty of people aiming to eke as much performance as possible from their phones.

The 'Smoked by Windows Phone' campaign has travelled across the United States already. The most recent event in the United States was at the Costa Mesa Microsoft Store in California, on Friday 10th. The campaign began at CES 2012, and among the phones beaten was the highly-anticipated Galaxy Nexus, which Microsoft released a video of. Other competitors and day-by-day recaps are available from this Neowin article.

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