Snap Inc announces new Snap Kit exporting Snapchat features to 3rd party apps

Snap Inc has announced the availability of its Snap Kit which comprises of Creative Kit, Login Kit, Bitmoji Kit, and Story Kit. The new Snap Kit allows developers of third party applications to add various features from Snapchat into their own application without compromising users' private account data.

While much of Snap Kit lets developers integrate Snapchat features in their app, Creative Kit lets them bring features from their app to the Snapchat camera. Creative Kit lets developers integrate their own stickers, filters, links, high scores, and workout stats, into the Snapchat camera.

The Login Kit allows developers to give their users an additional method to login to their app in a privacy friendly way. Additionally, Snap says that the Login Kit can be used to “unlock new features on Snapchat and other apps”. The Bitmoji Kit, as you may have guessed, allows developers to add Bitmoji stickers into their messaging apps. Finally, with Story Kit, developers can filter and embed Snapchat Stories into their apps and services.

As alluded to earlier, the Snap Kit puts privacy and security first. According to Snap Inc, the new tools only share minimal amounts of data like Display Name and Bitmoji when logging in, your friends’ data is never shared when logging in with Snap Kit, and apps that connect with the tool are automatically disconnected after 90 days of inactivity.

If you’re a developer and are keen to join the ranks of apps like Tinder, Eventbrite, SoundHound, Patreon, and Giphy, and want to add Snap Kit to your app or service then head on over to the Snap Kit website.

Source: Snap

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