Snarl 2.5 Beta 2

Snarl is a notification system for Windows inspired by Growl for Macintosh that lets applications display nice alpha-blended messages on the screen. Snarl is all about displaying notifications. The notifications may be displayed on-screen in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes; they may be spoken out loud; they may even be forwarded to a web-based notification environment, your mobile phone, PDA, or another computer. Snarl does this by acting as an intermediary between the application creating the notification and the end user and, because Snarl provides a standard API for the sending application and a standard user interface to the end user, it makes it an incredibly powerful tool.

Some examples of what Snarl can do:

  • Notify you when your laptop power supply has been disconnected or the battery is getting low.
  • Receive notifications from a central server.
  • Forward notifications to your iPhone, Windows Mobile phone, or Android phone.

More about Snarl:

It. Just. Works...
Once Snarl is installed, existing applications will register with it automatically, at which time Snarl will display any notifications they create.

You're in control...
Snarl provides the user with the ability to determine which notifications an application displays, how they are displayed, and where.  At all times, the end-user has ultimate control over notifications; not the application.

In it for the long-haul...
We're not tied to a particular protocol or product - instead, we think you should have as much choice as possible.  So, while we have our own API, we also fully support the Growl UDP protocol and the Growl Notification Transport Protocol - and we don't drop support for older protocols when we release a new version.

It's easy to use...
Whether you're a developer adding Snarl support to your application, or an end-user configuring the look and feel of individual notifications - Snarl makes it all a breeze.

It's extensible...
As well as being able to quickly add support to applications, developers can also create incredibly powerful styles and extensions.

Your communications hub...
With a huge supported application base, plus support for redirecting notifications to other devices and the ability to forward notifications to remote computers, Snarl becomes your central point for alerting to whatever's going on - no matter where you are.

Free - for ever...
While other applications start out free and then soon start charging their user base; Snarl is free to use now - and it always will be.

Download: Snarl 2.5 Beta 2 | 8.3 MB (Open Source)
Download: Snarl Styles
Release Notes: >> Click here <<
View: Snarl Website

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