SNK Vs. Capcom Live

SNK Vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos will fully support Xbox Live's multiplayer components...

SNK NEOGEO USA CONSUMER CORPORATION, the US publishing arm of the SNK NEOGEO CORPORATION, announced today that the company will publish the first home version of the hit arcade title, SNK VS CAPCOM: SVC CHAOS, exclusively for the Xbox video game system from Microsoft. SVC CHAOS fully supports Xbox Live, so consumers can take on opponents around the neighborhood or across the country in the ultimate online battle for survival.

SVC CHAOS features 36 famous fighters including 17 SNK playable characters, 17 Capcom playable characters, and 2 Secret Bosses. SVC CHAOS has also added bonus characters from some of the very best 2D fighting games ever made, including THE KING OF FIGHTERS, FATAL FURY, and SAMURAI SHODOWN and Street Fighter. Exclusive to this game are special characters such as Capcom's Mega Man and Red Arremer, and SNK's Shiki and Athena.

News source: GameDaily

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