Updated: Snow Leopard web page reveals August 28th ship date

If youre looking to pick up the next version of Apples operating system OS X, you may only have to wait until August 28th. Posted up on the Apple UK site is an order page for those who are eligible for the Up-To-Date program to acquire Snow Leopard starting on August 28th.

Apple has yet to make an official announcement which makes it possible that this is a mistake but considering that its posted on both the US and the UK websites it gives the mistake some serious credibility.

It shouldnt come as much surprise but Apple has been rumored to make an announcement regarding the availability of Snow Leopard as early as this week. Add in that the official order page for the Up-To Date is live on Apples site only adds credibility to this rumor.

Snow Leopard will be an incremental upgrade to the previous version of OS X and will offer a reduced footprint and many other enhancements. It is pegged to go head to head with Microsofts Windows 7 which will launch in October.

Update: It appears Apple has changed the ship date, the screen shot below was from earlier this morning when it stated the 28th.

Image courtesy of Engadget.com

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