Socket-A Heat Sink Comparison

Thanks NTCompatible for the heads up on this Socket-A Heat Sink Comparison @ Extreme Overclocking, below a blurb.

What's on the platter?:

In this November roundup we have a lot of new heat sinks that have come out recently. Each company has taken their own unique approach to hopefully solve your cooling problem. We have a mixture of copper, aluminum, 60mm fans, 70mm fans, 80mm fans, TIM's, silver compound, and much much more! We compare their raw cooling power, noise, cost, ease of installation, and also looks. There are a total of 11 heat sinks that are being compared, and with so much variation, there is surely one that will fit your needs and your budget!

It should be noted that most of these heat sinks can be used for P3 applications as well as Duron & Athlon/AthlonMP/AthlonXP processors.

View: Socket-A Heat Sink Comparison

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