Software engineer found dead in front of burnt computer

We have heard of exploding batteries and burning laptops but this may be the first potential laptop explosion that killed a person. A software engineer working for Tata Consulting Services was found dead in the sitting position with a burnt computer in front of him.

"Police said his charred body was found in a sitting posture. 'We are yet to ascertain the cause of the blast. The computer was completely damaged and the deceased was charred,' a police officer told TOI."

The victim had two roommates one of which "'had gone to take bath. He told us that suddenly he heard a blast and when he rushed out he saw the charred body of his friend and fainted,' the officer said. However, the case has baffled the investigating officers".

The police have not officially ruled the death due to the explosion yet but all of the evidence at the crime scene does suggest that is was the explosion that killed the victim.

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