Some consumers may be suffering from "Gadget Fatigue"

Do you sometimes feel like there's a new smartphone or PC or tablet device that is rushed out to the marketplace before it is time for that product to ship to stores? If so, you are not alone. reports that in a new study from Underwriters Laboratories, nearly half of the people who were surveyed feel that new tech gadgets and products are released faster than the need for people to actually go out and buy them.

The biggest example that the story uses was all of the tablets that were launched in the wake of Apple's release of the first iPad in 2010. Tablets like the TouchPad from HP and the Playbook from Research in Motion failed because both were seen by consumers as expensive. The tablets were also seen as not being as well designed as the iPad. The Kindle Fire tablet, launched with a price point that is less than half that of the least expensive iPad, has broken at least one of the two issues that earlier tablets had in competing with the iPad and as a result seems to be selling very well.

Some consumers in the study also claim that new products are rushed to market too quickly and as a result they have experienced software and hardware bugs that have to be fixed later.

While there are certainly those tech buying consumers who will always want to buy the newest product, the study shows that others may be suffering from "gadget fatigue" and simply want a device that works and is affordable.

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