Some details on Cortana's integration into Office 365 in Windows 10

Microsoft wants to transform Cortana from an interesting feature into an indispensable assistant and that’s why the company is working to integrate her into Office 365. The new synergy is available in the latest build of Windows 10 and Microsoft has now detailed some of these new capabilities.

We’ve known for a long time that Microsoft wants Cortana to be present everywhere that its users are, and having her integrate with Office 365 may be one of the company’s best moves. If you’re running the latest build of Windows 10 and are using Office 365 at work with the “First Release” option, you can now use the digital assistant with the productivity suite.

Cortana can fetch documents, send e-mails, show you upcoming meetings and so on. None of that is actually new, but now she has a few more tricks up her sleeve. The digital assistant can be proactive and surface all of that information before you actually ask her to do it. She can also get you info on the people that are in your next meeting and the documents they’ve been working on. And of course reminders of when and where you need to be next are also now active.

That being said, administrators can also disable this functionality and sever the ties between Cortana and Office 365 if the company deems this to be a problem in any way.

Microsoft is looking to improve the digital assistant and offer even more functionality through users. The company is also looking for feedback on her integration into Office 365 so make sure to let them know how they can make things better for you.

Source: Office Blog

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