Some Mango users report touch screen keyboards disappearing

If you own a smartphone with Microsofts Windows Phone 7 operating system inside, you most likely have now downloaded the major Windows Phone 7.5 update (otherwise known as Mango) that started to be released last month to wireless carriers.

It now appears that some of these phone owners are experiencing a bug that caused the touch screen keyboard to disappear at times. ZDNet reports that the bugs dont seem to be tied into one particular smartphone.

Microsoft has indicated it is aware of the issue. A spokesperson emailed a statement which said, "Customer support is working with the individuals reporting changes to their experience. We are investigating these reports to determine the root cause of any issues users are having." Theres no word on what might be causing this bug nor when Microsoft plans to release an update that will fix the disappearing keyboards.

In related news, Microsofts official Windows Phone blog has posted up a new entry that shows off a new version of the popular AccuWeather app that has been released for the platform. The new version has a number of improved features based on Windows Phone 7.5 including showing the current weather conditions when a person searches for a location while using Microsofts own Bing search system. You can also see what the weather is at several locations at once along with two-sided Live tiles that switch between weather conditions and temperatures.

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