Some Samsung Galaxy Note 4 batteries are being recalled due to fire and burn risks

It was shortly after the device's launch that Samsung's Galaxy Note7 was recalled due to issues with the battery exploding. The company began sending out replacement units, and even those had the same issue, so naturally, when one hears that Galaxy Note 4 batteries are being recalled, some might raise their eyebrows.

Luckily, this isn't even close to being on the same scale, and it's not even Samsung's fault. The Galaxy Note 4 batteries being recalled are the AT&T model, and only ones that have been replaced through the company's insurance program. The batteries "were not supplied as original equipment by the phone’s manufacturer, Samsung."

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there has been one report of a "counterfeit battery" overheating, and no reports of injuries or property damage. Those that are using devices with the affected batteries should power down, and contact FedEx Supply Chain for a replacement, which can be identified with a green dot.

You can contact FedEx Supply Chain at 800-338-0163 from 9am through 6pm Eastern Time, or head over to

Source: CPSC via The Verge

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