Some users reporting big issues with iPhone 6 Plus camera

Looks like a pretty big issue is plaguing some iPhone 6 Plus users, one that seems to be related to the hardware of the device. The issue relates to the handset’s camera and makes photo and video capturing basically impossible.

A number of users have been complaining in Apple’s forums over the last month about issues with the camera on the iPhone 6 Plus, which wouldn’t focus and would only take horrible, distorted and blurry images.

It looks like the issue stems from problems with the OIS, optical image stabilization, a feature only found on the more expensive 6 Plus and absent from the smaller iPhone 6. OIS, mechanically counteracts the tiny vibrations from your hands or other sources allowing for smoother videos, less blurry photos and better low-light performance – obviously as long as it works correctly.

Some of Apple’s users have reported going into Apple stores and having their cameras or handsets completely replaced for the issue to be taken care of.

While the problem doesn’t seem to be widespread it can obviously be frustrating with a brand handset and it seems like Apple didn’t take enough time to test the OIS in its handsets, or one of its ODMs wasn’t up to Cupertino standards.

Source: Techtree via: Business Insider

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