Sonic Adventure 2 remaster spotted on Xbox website

A listing for Sonic Adventure 2 had appeared on the official Xbox site, complete with a a description and a collection of screenshots - including one with PlayStation buttons which confirms that the game is definitely hitting Sony's platform too. 

The listing was pulled from both the US and UK Xbox sites, but we print-screened faster than Sonic himself to show you the error in Microsoft's moderating. No downloads are available yet but, nothing has been announced officially so that's not a surprise, however, the listing stated that the game will be released on October 3rd.

The game's original features will now be remastered in beautiful high definition. Additionally, the screenshots hint that the game will contain DLC for the Battle variant. We also know from the screenshots that the remaster is actually in an aspect ratio of 16:9, and not 4:3 like the original Sonic Adventure remaster released in 2010, which turned out to be a horrible attempt at remastering. 

We'll be sure to ask Sega about this premature leak, so we'll definitely learn more soon. In the mean time, enjoy the gallery of images we borrrowed.


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