Sony: A New Focus

Sony is currently in research of ways to broadcast content straight to its hardware, without the need of a secondary device, such as a Blu-Ray player.

Their ideas came to light in conference, when Sony announced they are looking to incorporate this into the PS3, via a digital movie service. But Sony isn't containing its movie streaming to its games consoles, as the company has also revealed that it is looking to deliver streaming movies and television to broadband-connected Bravia TVs in the US this autumn.

Sony has even announced the first movie that will be available for streaming - 'Hancock', starring Will Smith.

It's no doubt that Sony will still push for Blu-Ray, however if initiated to the public properly, both Blu-Ray and digital services can prevail equally.

Is Sony taking the right step, or will their digital services suffer like others have? Let's hear your thoughts.

View: TechRadar

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