Sony and Microsoft fail to understand our market - Nintendo

Nintendo of America Boss George Harrison has lashed out at Sony and Microsoft claiming that they don't have the DNA to understand what the gaming market wants. Speaking to the wired blog Harrison said, "So far, they haven't spent a lot of time focused on us. Now that we're having some success, they probably will. We can already see some of the things that they've tried. For last year's E3, at the last minute, Sony rushed out their Sixaxis controller as an effort to respond to the Wii remote. We saw Microsoft roll out Viva Piñata as their killer app for the Pokémon set. And neither of those worked really well."

"We also have a belief that we can be, of this lifecycle, 40-45% of the hardware that's being sold. And that would be a phenomenal increase for us over the GameCube era. But on the other hand, we could get over 50%. And a lot of that depends on what our competitors do. If they only focus on the Grand Theft Autos and the Halos and things of that nature, they're focusing on a very tiny part of the market. The overall market is growing so dramatically that they're going to miss out on the opportunities that we're seeing in the expanded audience."

Whether you believe Mr Harrison or not, you have to agree with him on one thing, Nintendo is kicking everyone's ass.

News source: Wired

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