Sony denies rumor of 3G PS Vita being cancelled in US

Sony is having to do some damage control today over a rumor that started at IGN. The web site reported today that Amazon's pre-order page for the 3G/WiFi version of the PS Vita had at one point showed that the portable game console had been "Discontinued by manufacturer".

However, Sony quickly sent out word to IGN saying that the $299.99 version of the PS Vita was still alive and well in the US. Amazon later revised its pre-order page and took down that previous note. There's no word as to why Amazon's web site had that note posted in the first place.

This new rumor came at a rather bad time for Sony as there are reports from Japan that sales of the PS Vita are so bad that, according to Games Radar, some Japanese retailers are already cutting the price of the console by as much as 20 percent. The report adds that it is the more expensive 3G version of the PS Vita that is experiencing the price cuts.

Meanwhile the US and European launches of the PS Vita are still planned for February 22. Sony has not indicated that it will be changing the price points for the WiFi or the WiFI/3G versions of the console in those parts of the world, at least not yet.

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