Sony gives its Clié a new look

Sony has lifted the lid on a new look Clié PDA, its smallest to date, that packs both wireless LAN and Bluetooth networking as well as a new Sony-developed processor designed for use in handheld computers.

The design of the PEG-UX50 is a departure from previous PDAs, which are typically slab type devices that feature a few buttons or sometimes a small keyboard underneath the main display. The new Clié looks something like a shrunken notebook computer and consists of two slabs, one with a display and the other with a keyboard, hinged together lengthwise. This form factor makes it similar, albeit at a different size, to some of the Zaurus PDAs from Sharp.

Like the Zaurus or some of the latest Tablet PCs, the upper slab that houses the display can be swiveled around through 180 degrees and folded back down to cover the keyboard so it faces outwards. The 3.2 inch TFT LCD has a wide aspect ratio and resolution of 480 pixels by 320 pixels and can display 65,536 colors.

At the heart of the PDA is a new processor, the Sony Handheld Engine.

News source: InfoWorld - Sony gives its Clié a new look

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