Sony has now fixed the problem causing a message to crash PS4 consoles

Earlier this week, we reported on a malicious message that was being sent by unscrupulous gamers to others in an attempt to cause disruptions and crash their consoles. Thankfully, Sony has now fixed the problem, according to its support page on Twitter.

The company didn't provide any details on what changes it made and, despite an earlier statement suggesting the company would issue a system update, no updates were pushed to gamers' consoles with changes on Sony's side being seemingly enough to curb the problem.

While this should hopefully prevent any more consoles from falling victim to the nefarious message, for those that were already affected, Sony also provided a fix that does not require resetting the console. The fix, which had already been suggested unofficially by gamers on Reddit, now has Sony's official seal of approval, and requires you to delete the message using the PS Messages mobile app, restart the console in Safe Mode and rebuild the database. That should set you right.

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