Sony movies pulled from Xbox 360's Netflix service

Today, Microsoft released the New Xbox Experience - refreshed software for the Xbox 360 console which brings several new features - including, for users in the US, access to the ever-popular Netflix service.

However, due to complex licensing issues, instead of getting access to everything the service has to offer, Xbox 360 users cannot access any movies that are distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment. A spokesperson for Netflix told MTV Multiplayer that "Those titles are still available to be watched on subscribers' computers and on TVs via other partner devices, and we hope they'll be licensed for Xbox 360 shortly...".

The Netflix representative refused to state whether the license to use the content had just expired, or whether Sony Pictures Entertainment had specifically requested that access to the movies be restricted on the Xbox 360 Console.

So, until Sony says otherwise, the hundreds of Sony Picture Entertainment movies available on Netflix remain unavailable to Xbox 360 users.

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