Sony shows off upcoming PS4 gameplay video editor 'SHAREfactory' in new video

In March, Sony announced that it would be adding a gameplay video editor as part of an upcoming update for its PlayStation 4 console. This week, the company announced a name for the editor, SHAREfactory, and released a video clip showing off some of the program's features.

The video clip, uploaded to YouTube as part of a PlayStation blog post, shows that SHAREfactory will allow PS4 owners to edit videos made from recorded gameplay . This will also allow them to put in special filters, themes and transitions along with text and stickers. Players can even film themselves with the optional PlayStation camera to provide video commentary to their gameplay clips.

Once their videos are ready, they can be automatically uploaded to a Facebook account, or to an external USB drive to be uploaded to other services. Microsoft has its own gameplay editor for the Xbox One Upload Studio, that allows users to have their clips uploaded to their OneDrive account or more recently their YouTube channel.

Sony will include SHAREfactory as part of their next 1.70 update for the PS4. It will also add a way to disable the console's HDCP feature, which will finally allow users to record and store gameplay clips directly from the console's HDMI port via a video capture device.

The 1.70 update will also let users who have pre-ordered digital games in the online PlayStation Store to pre-load them on their PS4 hard drive so that they will be ready to play on their release date. There's no word yet on a specific date for when the PS4 software update will go live.

Source: Sony

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