Sony teases PlayStation reveal for February 20th

Wow. Leave it to Sony to have an announcement late in the day that comes out of left field. The company's Playstation division has updated its Twitter account with the message below


The URL in the post sends people to a page that has a February 20th date and a 6 pm time, along with the video below, featuring the familiar Playstation triangle, circle, square, and cross buttons that all seem to be ... well, animated by something:

Media invites have also been sent to some outlets that are asking them to attend an event in New York City on that same day.

So here's the obvious question: Is Sony about to reveal the first official details of the next Playstation game console? It's hard to believe it would be anything but a "Playstation 4" announcement, however a recent interview with Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai indicated that his company was going to wait until Microsoft announced its successor to the Xbox 360, saying, "Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?"

So if this is a PS4 reveal coming on February 20th, it means one of two things; either Sony has changed its mind and wanted to be first ... or Microsoft has plans to reveal the next Xbox much sooner than anticipated.

Source: Playstation on Twitter

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