Sony Wants Emulators

Sony Computer Entertainment today listed a job vacancy for an 'Emulator Development Engineer' on the official SCEi website, fuelling speculation that the Playstation3 will indeed run PSOne and Playstation2 titles or perhaps for use in the forthcoming Sony PSP.

If our memory serves us correctly the Playstation2 runs PSOne titles through the hardware as opposed to software emulation; presumably running through an emulator will reduce the overall cost of the PS3 and keep the architecture as simple as possible.

It's an ironic situation however and re-ignites the debate between Bleem! and Sony; for those who missed out on the multi-million dollar law-suit, Sony successfully muscled Bleem! from the market for selling emulated PSOne titles for the Dreamcast.

In our opinion the money spent forcing Bleem! from the market would have been better spent in purchasing a stake of the company – hence Sony would have access to what was one of the finest PSOne emulators around and the technical expertise for future developments.

News source: TVG

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