Sony's Blu-Ray Gains Another Ally

It has been reported today that Sony's next generation optical media, Blu-Ray, has gained another ally in the ever changing format battle. The newest supporter of Sony's format is Warner Bros, one of the largest film studios. Although Warner Bros have also outlined future support for the main rival to Blu-Ray, Toshiba's HD DVD, just as their studio rival Paramount Home Entertainment have.

HD DVD has some important key supporters also, such as Microsoft and Intel. Bill Gates has said that he believes the content protection of Blu-Ray discs is very anti-consumer, as previously posted here at Neowin. Talks were taking place earlier this year to have a compromise format, thus avoiding the potential repeat of a VHS/Betamax type showdown, but these talks broke down. Now each company is pushing for more supporters in a bid to become the dominant format in your PC, living room and games console.

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