Sony's Playstation Network still not safe from hackers, says expert

Earlier this week, Sony fully restored the Playstation Network in most parts of the world by bringing the Playstation Store back online. Sony claims that it has not only brought back the console game online network but it has also improved the security for PSN's servers since the network was brought down on April 20 due to a cyber attack on its systems. But is Sony just setting itself up for another fall? Industry Gamers reports that an expert says, "Yes."

Gregory Evans is an online security expert and author of eight books on the subject. More importantly he's also a former hacker who has done two years of time in a federal prison for his crimes.  Now he's the head of the Ligett Security Company who tries to protect companies from the kinds of things he once did. When asked if he believes that Sony's Playstation Network has now become safe from hacking Evans flat out says, "No And it’s not just Sony gamers that are at risk. It’s anyone who has any online gaming console like Xbox or Wii. Nothing’s 100 percent secure."

He added, "When you’re connected to your Wi-Fi and you’re playing online games it’s opening up hundreds of ports. Each one of those ports is like a door that a hacker can use to bypass your firewall and get into your computer." Evans believes that even with Sony's claims that they have updated and improved the security for the Playstation Network, more attacks by hackers will happen. He states, "The problem remains that Sony and most big corporations have IT managers designing their networks and security. Even if these guys have a Master’s Degree or PhD from a school like MIT, that doesn’t make them a true security expert. It’s scary and these attacks will continue to happen."

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