Sony's unreleased Windows Phone 7 device gets photographed

Back when Windows Phone was starting to find its groove, Sony Ericsson built a prototype for the Windows Phone platform that was never released to the public. The phone, dubbed Jolie, was a QWERTY slider running Windows Phone 7.

Not much else is known about the device, other than what can be concluded by the images posted here. For whatever reason, Sony decided not to release the device and to this day, still has not entered into the Windows Phone arena with their own device.

While this may be good for Nokia, Samsung and even HTC, that Sony Ericsson never entered the Windows Phone market space, seeing the device above, it does appear to be a decent handset for the WP7 platform.

Also considering that the Sony Ericsson handset division has seen its struggles as of late, one must wonder if they took the same path of Nokia, if their future would be any brighter.

But, the rest is history; Sony has gone down the Android path like many other phone vendors to fight it out in the crowded smartphone retail arena.

This is not the first time we have seen this phone pop up on the net either, it was up for sale on Ebay not that long ago

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