SoulseekQt Build 2013.01.12

Soulseek is a unique ad-free, spyware free, and just plain free file sharing application. One of the things that makes Soulseek unique is the community-related features. Based on peer-to-peer technology, virtual rooms allow you to meet people with the same interests, share information, and chat freely using real-time messages in public or private.

Soulseek, with its built-in people matching system, is a great way to make new friends and expand your mind! Soulseek does not endorse nor condone the sharing of copyrighted materials. You should only share and download files which you are legally allowed to or have otherwise received permission to share.

What's new in this version:

  • A toggle in the uploads tab now allows you to set the client to finish all existing uploads and quit. No new uploads will be allowed, no search results will be returned, and after about five minute of all existing uploads no longer being queued (just in case any aborted uploads are retried), the client should exit quietly.
  • An ordered history of your previous searches is now available via a dropdown, much like in the original Soulseek client.
  • You can now choose to receive room activity alerts via a toggle. When anything is said in the room, you'll receive a run-of-the-mill alert. Plus you can set a sound for it in Options->Notification Sounds. Should be useful for low-traffic rooms.
  • Client data should now be saved in case of an abrupt shutdown, such as often happens when rebooting or shutting down the operating system.
  • Lowering the number of upload slot to less than the number of currently active uploads should no longer start all users' uploads.
  • Select Application Colors button should now work.
  • Added new icons to transfers tab action bar and context menus.

Download: SoulseekQt Build 2013.01.12 | 6.6 MB (Freeware)
Link: Home Page | Official Forum

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