Sound Blaster Audigy review

3dXtreme takes a look at the Sound Blaster Audigy sound card.

Here's a blurb:

"The EAX in certain games playing with headphones late at night had the hair on my arms standing up. It's incredible! Being that my wife was sleeping I fired up Red Faction, slapped on my headphones and headed into the world of Red Faction. I had played through it already using my original SB Live card and can say it wasn't even the same. The EAX was extremely accurate in it's directional ability and even with headphones it was intense. The advanced 3d audio makes it easy to determine where the action is coming from in a gaming environment. I have also experienced much richer bass when playing CD music or mp3's. The clarity was better than the Live Value and the bass while using my same speaker setup was much richer, cleaner. "

News source: 3DXtreme

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