Space Quest developers get back together for new game

It's looking like fans of the classic adventure games made by team members from the now defunct Sierra Online are going to be very happy. We have already reported that two Kickstarter projects to fund a remake of Leisure Suit Larry and a new game from Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jensen are under way. Now there's word that the co-creators of the Space Quest series are also teaming up once again for a new project.

Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe, who were the creative force behind the first four of the humorous six games in the Space Quest franchise (released from 1986 to 1995) have launched a new game company called Two Men from Andromeda, a reference to the nickname the duo gave to themselves when they were working on the Space Quest series.

The company is working on a new "space adventure" game but it looks like it won't be using the Space Quest title or characters (those are now owned by Activision, which acquired the rights to the games a few years ago). Two Guys From Andromeda is hiring some game developers to work on the new game and are encouraging people to spread the word about their project.

Murphy and Crowe are not asking for donations, at least not at the moment, so it would appear that they have received at least some funding on their own to make the game. No other details have been announced.

Image via Two Guys From Andromeda

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