Spaceshipone launched

Spaceshipone has (according to Reuters) been launched.

"SpaceShipOne lifted off early on Monday in the initial stage of the world's first attempted commercial space flight.

The privately funded rocket plane was attached to a larger plane called the White Knight and took off from a runway in the Mojave Desert in California, about 100 miles north of Los Angeles. The unprecedented $20 million project is intended to demonstrate the viability of commercial space flight and open the door for space tourism."


3.51 GMT : SSO released from White Knight | 3.53 : 60s burn complete, SSO on way to Space | 3.56 : 316,000ft altitude, 5Gs | 4.06 : SSO has hit 100km (~60miles), satisfying X-Prize requirements. 'Mission Accomplished' | 4.14 : SSO descending, being tracked by video feed (watch landing now below) | 4.15 : SSO has landed successfully, White Knight to land iminently | 4.19 : White Knight landed successfully.

View: Reuters

View: SSO Website (Under heavy traffic)

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View: BBC Stream | BBC Story

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