Spigen is already selling iPhone 5 accessories

Apple still has yet to admit that it will be coming out with the iPhone 5. So far, unconfirmed rumors claim that Apple will reveal the next version of its iOS smartphone on September 12th, with the actual launch coming on September 21st.

However, Apple's silence has not stopped at least one company from going ahead and accepting orders for its iPhone 5 accessories. Los Angeles-based Spigen has posted word on its website that it is "ready for iPhone 5" and is already selling its line of Steinheil Series iPhone 5 screen protectors for $13.99.

The company is also promoting its more advanced tempered glass-based Steinheil GLAS.t protector for iPhone 5, shown above, but it's not on sale until sometime in early September.

So does the site actually show photos of the iPhone 5 itself? Not exactly. The images that Spigen has posted on its pages are in reality based on a render created by Bryce Hammond. He made his design based on viewing leaked images of iPhone 5 parts that have made their way on the Internet.

So while Spigen may indeed be selling iPhone 5 accessories well ahead of the phone's launch, the images on their site may not be representative of what the final iPhone 5 may actually look like.

Source: Spigen | Image via Spigen

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