Sprint and T-Mobile said to get HTC One M8 with Windows Phone too

HTC, at the moment, is only selling its hot new Windows Phone on Verizon. The HTC One M8 with Windows Phone looks to be the top player for the Windows Phone market and while AT&T has said that it too will sell the phone, new reports are saying that Sprint and T-Mobile will offer the device as well.

It makes quite a bit of sense that Sprint would get the device too as it already has a CDMA/LTE chip inside which is the same type of network that Sprint uses. The only limiting factor would be if Verizon had a long term exclusive on the deal but seeing that AT&T will get the phone, we cant imagine Verizon writing a contract that would only prohibit Sprint.

This is all a rumor until Sprint and T-Mobile confirm the device but based on the leaks, it looks like HTC is going to push this device on to as many carriers as possible, a good sign for Windows Phone fans as well as Microsoft.

For Microsoft and HTC, they surely will hope that this device will attract the attention that Windows Phone needs at this time. With a shrinking market share for Microsoft and HTC having its own troubles finding its niche, if the One M8 is a success you can bet that HTC might take another serious look at Windows Phone.

Source: Phone Arena

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