Sprint Announces Instinct - a Direct iPhone Competitor

In Las Vegas Sprint has announced a new mobile called the Instinct made by Samsung. It weighs in and is about the same size as the iPhone, and seems to use similar interface ideas. One of the most touted features of the Instinct over the iPhone is the ability to run on EVDO Rev. A, which can achieve much faster speeds than AT&Ts EDGE network. Instinct will come with a 2GB microSD card and it can be expanded up to 8GB. It also features a 2 megapixel camera, GPS navigation (using Telenav), Visual Voicemail (using the touch screen to scan through and browse voicemail messages), and two 1000 mAmp batteries giving up to 5.75 hours of talk time each, as well as some other accessories.

No price was announced, but Sprint claims it will be competitive to the $399 iPhone and should be available to purchase in June.

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Link: PhoneScoops Video of the Instinct
Link: Sprints Instinct Website and Order Reservation

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