Sprint raises early termination fee to $350

Sprint has decided to give its users a rather unwelcome change in one of its contract policies. This week the nation's third largest wireless carrier confirmed to media outlets, including PhoneScoop, that it will be raising its early termination fee from $200 to a whopping $350. The change takes place on September 9. The new and higher fee will apply to Sprint's smartphone users as well as subscribers that use tablets, netbooks and notebooks that connect to Sprint's wireless network. Sprint said that the $350 fee will be pro-rated for users based on the number of months that remain in their contracts. That means the longer you stick with your Sprint contract, the smaller the early termination fee will be if you have to break it early.

The change puts Sprint in the same level as its two biggest rivals, Verizon Wireless and AT&T. Both of those companies also have a $350 early termination fee. Some have already speculated that the reason for Sprint's decision is that it will soon be selling the iPhone 5, just like Verizon and AT&T. While neither Sprint nor Apple has officially confirmed this news, Sprint is expected to begin selling Apple's iPhone when the company launches the product sometime later this fall. Hopefully Sprint won't also change one of its major advantages over its main rivals; its unlimited data plan. Some media outlets have speculated that Sprint might cave in and do away with this feature just as AT&T, and more recently Verizon, have done.

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