Sprint to push Mango update at 1PM CST

Even though the official Microsoft Mango update page states that Sprint is still in the testing phases for Mango, Sprint has announced that it will be rolling out Mango at 1PM CST. This goes against what Microsoft had posted up on its Windows Phone tracker website that said Sprint was still in the testing phases.

For those on Sprint who were worried that they would be late to the Mango party, this news should come as a welcomed surprise. Mango will update Windows Phone 7 to version 7.5 and will bring many new features to the platform.

The update is scheduled to roll-out in just a couple hours from now and all eyes will be on Microsoft to see if they were able to overcome the issues that hampered the NoDo update.

Mango will bring 500 new features to the Windows Phone platform. Microsoft is hopeful that with Mango, new hardware and a holiday shopping season ahead, Windows Phone will be able to gain the attention it rightfully deserves.

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