Square Enix announces 'Left Alive', a survival action game for PC and PS4

Square Enix unveiled a brand new game titled Left Alive at Sony's Tokyo Game Show conference today. Not many details were revealed regarding the game, except for a teaser trailer, seen above, that sadly lacks any gameplay footage, and that it will be a survival action shooter set in a "dark and gritty world". Judging by the trailer, the setting seems to be a post-disaster world with some mechs added in for good measure.

There are some big names attached to Left Alive's development, with Toshifumi Nabeshima of Armored Core series fame directing the game. Metal Gear Solid series' character artist Yoji Shinkawa, and the mech designer of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Ghost in the Shell: Arise and various other projects, Takayuki Yanase are also involved. Just as the trailer revealed, mechs seem to play a significant element in the game.

Left Alive is headed for a launch sometime in 2018, with it arriving for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. More information regarding the title will be released later this week, and hopefully, we will get some gameplay footage shedding some light on how exactly does this mysterious game play out.

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