Square Enix announces new game brand 'Balan Company'

Today video game publisher and developer Square Enix announced a mysterious new game brand titled Balan Company. Judging by the image featured on the website (as seen above), the word 'company' could refer to a group of entertainers like a troupe, theatrical act or a circus. This hints that the theme of the game could be something similar.

The announcement made by the Japanese game maker on Twitter was somewhat vague and made no mention of the nature of the title Balan Company.

While there is barely any information about Balan Company available at the moment, a small notice posted on the website informs visitors about an upcoming reveal. It reads:

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the show of wonders brought to you by the BALAN COMPANY. We thank you for your patience while we make preparations for the grand opening"

Japanese magazine Famitsu reports that Balan Company will be an action game brand that brings together in-house and external action game development as well as image and music production by Square Enix. It also states that the name Balan Company refers to a company or group of people who are part of a theater company and musical.

For now, no further information is available concerning the upcoming game brand from Square Enix. Hopefully, more light will be shed on the matter once the 'grand opening' of Balan Company comes to pass.

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