Square Enix planning FFVII spin-off?

A new game featuring Vincent from Final Fantasy VII will join a new mobile title and Advent Children game as part of the Final Fantasy VII Compilation project.

Following the announcement of a computer-generated movie and a mobile online game, Square Enix will continue to expand its Final Fantasy VII Compilation project, a new line of products based on the immensely popular Final Fantasy VII.

According to VJump magazine, Square Enix will announce a major game that features Final Fantasy VII's Vincent in the near future. A promotional statement in the magazine reads "Another intense title will be joining the Final Fantasy VII project!" followed by a sentence underneath that says "That character is going to appear in a soon to be announced major title!" Alongisde the two statements is a silhouette of Vincent, a major character from Final Fantasy VII.While Square Enix has yet to release any details on the game, some speculate that, because it is a part of the Final Fantasy VII Compilation, the game will be a spin-off of Final Fantasy VII.

News source: GameSpot

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