Star Citizen raises over $4.6 million with one day to go

It looks like a lot of people really want a high end space combat game. Earlier this year, Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts announced plans to launch Star Citizen, a CryEngine 3-based PC game that will be a spiritual successor to the Wing Commander franchise.

Roberts launched his own crowd sourcing website to raise money for Star Citizen, but the demand was so great that the servers hosting the effort were overwhelmed at first. Roberts later catapulted and launched a second campaign at Kickstarter while still taking donations from his own site.

Now, with just one day left before the end of the Kickstarter effort, Star Citizen has raised over $4.6 million between the two campaigns. That's the most money ever raised for a game project via crowd sourcing methods.

Star Citizen does have a $5 million stretch goal that's within reach. If that goal is achieved Roberts will add more content, including a separate tablet application that will help players  keep track of missions, in-game news and their ship inventory. He also says that he will have celebrity actor voice overs for the game's single player missions for that stretch goal. That will include "at least one favorite from Wing Commander!"

Source: Star Citizen website | Image via Roberts Space Industries

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