Star Wars: The Old Republic now free up to level 15

Today EA has announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic now has a "free trial" where players can enjoy the game for free until they reach level 15. There is apparently no time limit on this trial, and anyone is free to join up regardless of whether you have a previous The Old Republic account or not.

The trial is not particularly limited either; you still have the ability to check out all eight of the starting classes and their Origin Worlds, you can meet up with friends via Flashpoint and also compete against other players in Warzones. If you are after the free trial, you can simply head to to create an account.

Star Wars: The Old Republic subscriber numbers have been dropping since the game launched in December 2011, with EA losing 400,000 between February and May this year. By introducing a free trial to the MMO, EA probably hopes they can stem the flow of deserters and hopefully continue to grow the game's numbers.

Via: Eurogamer
Source: SWTOR

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