Stardock announces The Video Game Machine, "the game that makes games"

Stardock pushed out its new tower defense title Siege of Centauri out the gate last month, and already the company has a new game to announce. Titled The Video Game Machine, it is described as a sandbox that will let players make, play, and share their own games.

Players will be able to choose from a variety of genres when beginning their venture, including side-scrollers, adventure games, and shoot 'em ups, among others. Players can then set up their heroes, enemies, items and other elements through the game editor, while also building up the game world with terrain, dialog, and rules.

The company said that the title will arrive with some pre-made games to let players edit them and learn the ropes before jumping into making their own creations from scratch. Players will also be able to share their own games and download what others have created to play them.

Lead designer Scott Tykoski added the following regarding the game's difficulty level and what sort of assets players will have at their disposal:

"The game has been designed to be easy enough that anyone can create their own games while still having enough power that savvy gamers can create truly unique games with it. We've made the art style match the 1980s/1990s golden age and included a lot of premade graphics sets so players can be up and making their own games in minutes."

The Video Game Machine doesn't have a release date attached to it yet, but Stardock is kicking off an alpha of the game on May 29 for those who pre-order the $9.99 title. The alpha will have platformer and adventure genres available.

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