Stardock launches Impulse digital platform

Stardock has launched their new digital platform today called Impulse. The new platform is designed to allow users to associate PC games, applications, and utilities with a unified account that users can then update and install software from.

The Impulse store has gained considerable support even at the initial launch with such heavy weights as Corel, AMD, Epic, THQ, Gas Powered Games, Hot Head Games, Microsoft and many others expressing support for the platform.

"Impulse is, by far, the most advanced digital distribution platform we've seen, and we're extremely excited to take advantage of the features of Impulse Reactor," said Chris Taylor, CEO of Gas Powered Games. "It's easy to use, has awesome capabilities for developers, and it doesn't tie consumers to a single digital distribution platform."

According to the Impulse white paper, Impulse includes a number of notable features such as a high degree of user rights providing users seamless support for running games either online or offline, refunding of digital purchases if users run into technical issues, an integrated dock, support for automated third-party submissions, mod support, game rankings, multiplayer match making, vast community features and more.

Stardock has indicated that Impulse is being released in three phases. Today marks the initial launch with the bulk of the features available. A second phase will be in late August in which the platform SDK, Impulse Reactor, will be made available to developers, and a third phase in early 2009.

Impulse also includes third-party distribution support in which companies and websites can distribute branded versions of Impulse. Affiliates then receive a portion of any purchases made by the user on Impulse. has signed on to the exclusive pilot program in the form of Neowin Impulse.

Download: Neowin Impulse
View: Impulse White Paper
Link: Impulse Website
Link: Impulse Press Release

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