Start Menu resizing in Windows 10 results in some interesting behavior

Windows 10 will return one of the most iconic features of the Windows platform, the Start menu. Although the download will go live tomorrow, some of the folks who attended the launch event were able to get their hands on the build earlier today.

The new Start menu is a hybrid of the Windows 7 menu and the features of Windows 8. With Live Tiles and traditional apps sitting side-by-side, it's a hybrid approach that will likely appease desktop users. One aspect that is also new, is that you can resize the Start menu, just like any other window, and this will rearrange the way the icons are displayed.

The way it works sort of feels like a responsive website. If you don't know what we mean, resize the corner of the window you are viewing this post in and Neowin will adjust based on your new size. The Start menu appears to act in a similar way.

Flexibility is certainly a good thing and by making the Start menu customizable, even more so than what was in prior version of Windows, it will likely appease many fans and critics but probably confuse your PC illiterate friends and relations.  

Source: @KarissaBell

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