Statcounter June 2013: Google Chrome reigns supreme, IE comes in second

This might be surprising but if the latest statistics from StatCounter are to be believed, then Google Chrome reigns supreme in the browser wars.

According to the graph you see above Chrome is now dominating in most of the world with a global marketshare of 42%, while the beleaguered IE stands at 24%.

Google said as much back in May at their I/O event when they claimed that Chrome had become the most popular browser in the world with over 750 million users, 300 million being added in the last year alone. Of course Google didn’t mention how many of these users are browsing on a mobile phone, but it’s a good bet that ever since Chrome launched on Android it has replaced the default OEM browser.

Yes it seems like the days when IE was the undisputable king of browsing are long gone and the new kid in town is calling all the shots. Google’s Chrome has seen a constant rise in marketshare ever since it launched in 2008. Back then its speed, soft resource footprint and clean interface made it a great alternative to the omnipresent IE and the popular Firefox.

Though in recent times many say that Chrome itself has become bloated and slow while the competition has become leaner, faster and better than ever. We’ll have to wait and see if Chrome can maintain its ruling position or if it slides back in second place.

Thanks to our forum member gameboy1977 for pointing this out!

Source: StatCounterImages via StatCounter

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