States Threaten Peer-to-Peer Sites

Several states are cracking down on peer-to-peer sites as hotbeds of illegal file-trading. Attorneys general from 47 U.S. states and territories have sent a letter out to P-to-P software vendors, saying they must re-engineer their software to prevent illegal file-trading do a better job of warning users of the dangers of trading illegal files. This action follows on news earlier this year that the states might get involved in the P-to-P fight.

The letter, signed by the attorneys general of California, Texas, Florida, and many others, calls for P-to-P vendors to also warn users about the amount of pornography traded through P-to-P software, including child pornography. "P2P users need to be made aware that they are exposing themselves, and their children, to widespread availability of pornographic material when they download and install P2P file-sharing programs on their computers," the letter says.

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