Stephen Elop throws an iPhone, ignores the Lumia 928

In a show on Finnish TV station MTV3, Stephen Elop made an appearance to show off the Nokia Lumia 620 - but that's not the exciting thing. What's more interesting is that Elop decided to throw away the presenter's iPhone when he pulled it out of his pocket, exclaiming "oh, how embarrassing" before saying "I'll take care of that" as the iPhone landed off-screen with a thud. Luckily the presenter did want a Nokia phone, and Elop said he could organize this.

The phone the presenter was interested in was the currently-unannounced but heavily-rumored Nokia Lumia 928, which will probably make its way to Verizon shortly. Elop was repeatedly asked what the Lumia 928 will be, and when we can expect it to arrive, however on every occasion Elop dodged the question, even exclaiming that he didn't know what the phone was because it remains unannounced.

Source: WMPU

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