Steve Ballmer talks new changes at Microsoft but not wearable devices

Microsoft, under its CEO Steve Ballmer, finally announced its much rumored corporate reorganization Thursday, but the reveal still left a few unanswered questions. In a new, if brief, interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Ballmer did expand on what the changes will mean in terms of specific executives as they move into their new jobs.

For example, Ballmer stated in the interview that Rick Rashid, the former head of Microsoft Research, will now work on current operating system development with the OS team. Ballmer said, "He’s not going to be a line manager, but he’s going to be a key architect. This is Rick’s field. We’re glad to have him."

As far as how the new OS lead Terry Myerson will work with the new head of devices Julie Larson-Green, Ballmer said they will have weekly meetings, adding, "You have to agree on what the cadence is on which devices and services." Ballmer said that former senior adviser Craig Mundie is now working on a "much longer-term" project for Microsoft but would not go into specifics.

Ballmer flat out dodged a question about possible future wearable devices coming from Microsoft, saying simply, "That is one of those questions I think I won’t answer." He did respond to a question about Microsoft's recent anti-Google campaigns, saying, "We have been sharper and clearer in our message and more proactive."

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek | Image via Microsoft

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