Steve Jobs' original name choice for the iMac revealed

The lowercase "i" has become rather famous over the years, through the work of the Cupertino based company, Apple. From the iPod, iPhone and iMac to iWork and iLife (and others), its certainly a recurring trend. However, Apple CEO Steve Jobs originally wanted a different name for the iMac.

Last November, it was revealed that the iMac wasnt the original choice for Apples main desktop computer. Of course, the title itself wasnt revealed, but was said to be "blood curdling", leaving many to speculate. Some pretty bad ones were suggested, but Jobs had one much worse in mind, according to Gizmodo: MacMan.

A company named Midiman held the name back when a title was being chosen, which was used for a serial-to-MIDI adapter. It was said that Apple went to Midiman with an offer for the name, though the owner declined, and thus another name had to be chosen (thankfully). Its certainly an interesting reveal, providing it is true, and goes to show what atrocities could pop up even in some of the worlds biggest companies. Now with Apples supposed upcoming "iSlate", well see what the official name for the tablet really is, though hopefully it isnt nearly as bad as MacMan.

Thanks to Neowin member Mephistopheles for the news tip

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