Steve Jobs to make a surprise appearance at WWDC?

According to the Wall Street Journal Steve Jobs may be making a surprise appearance at this year's WWDC on June 8th. This, if you think about it, makes perfect sense for Jobs to return and announce the new version of the iPhone.

Stemming from reports that Jobs had been seen on Apple's campus and the fact that Steve Wozniak has said himself that Jobs sounds fine all leads up to a triumphant return at the WWDC. The WSJ reiterates this as well too by saying that "Two people who do business with Apple said senior Apple managers have told them the company is now trying to coordinate Mr. Jobs return with a product launch or public event."

Right now the iPhone is Apple's hottest product and to introduce a new version you would want the worlds favorite CEO. Steve himself said that he would return sometime in June which only adds fuel to the fire that he will show up and announce his return to Apple.

While a new product or two might be announced at this year's WWDC the biggest announcement will hopefully be the healthy return of Steve Jobs. While many have speculated on what his health problems were all have wished him a speedy recovery and hope to see his black turtle-neck and blue jeans on stage again very soon.

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