Steve Wozniak: Internet Explorer caused Mac OS to be unstable in 1996

If you owned a Mac in 1996 and experienced program crashes during that time period, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak points the finger at an unlikely culprit: Microsoft. Australia's reports that, speaking today during a seminar in Sydney, Wozniak said that Microsoft's Internet Explorer for the Mac was specifically to blame for program crashes during that time period.

Wozniak said, "Everyone who ran Internet Explorer you would have several crashes, every day. Move something into folder, it would crash, and you’d have to restart. Type something, crash restart."

While Apple at first though it was something wrong with the Mac OS itself, the company later discovered it was an issue with Internet Explorer. Other web browsers of the time period, including Netscape, didn't create the same problems, according to Wozniak.

In related news, Wozniak told a reporter from Bloomberg while he was in Sydney he would buy stock in Facebook; the IPO for Facebook could launch as early as Friday.

Wozniak said, "I would invest in Facebook. I don’t care what the opening price is." He added that Mark Zuckerberg was close to a combination of Wozniak and Apple's late co-founder Steve Jobs, saying, "When he speaks he speaks with a lot of idealism for the users and a lot of good ideas for the product overall."

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